Chair of Food and Bioprocess Engineering

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Founded in 1974, the Department of Food Process Engineering and Dairy Technology is closely associated with the Technology Section of the Central Institute for Nutrition and Food Research. The foundations can be traced back to the year 1921. The institutions in which the leadership combines many responsibilities teaching Chairs and Research Section have been working since 1992 in a new building with modern equipped laboratories and pilot plants. Founded in 2003, ZIEL fromcame out of the Research Center for Milk and Food (in German Forschungszentrum für Milch und Lebensmittel, FML), but the spectrum of scientific disciplines through the biochemistry of the nutrition and medical nutrition was supplemented. The ZIEL allows a closer cooperation of the local expertise in Weihenstephan at the interface between food and nutrition research.

The main areas of chemical engineering, aseptic and sterile techniques, membrane and adsorptions separation techniques, concentration and drying as well as  bioprocess engineering of relevance for the food industry, mechanical engineering and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


In addition, there is the integrated testing laboratory at the Institute for dairy machinery and equipment.